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Shanghai Chen Style Taijiquan Association

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Yang style 


Beginners class.

Monday from 18h00 -  19h30 (250€)

This course focuses on only beginners whom never practiced taiji before. During this course students learn the 24 forms Yang style, a style which isn’t too deep or big to learn for the first time. Thomas keeps teaching this form, because of its simplicity and because it provides a perfect introduction to taijiquan.

People who learn this form show they have no problem continuing to more advanced forms or the more original Chen style taijiquan. However many people also choose to keep it just with this, what’s no problem what so ever, this according to the character of the student.


Yang style taijiquan emphasizes on relaxation and softness, excellent elements to combat daily stress in our busy society of today. These elements provide a fluent flow of Qi, or

bio-electricity, through our body. All these factors together provide an overall better feeling. Cultivating Qi is extremely important to restore and recovering our body because of its high

rehabilitating character.  



Half advanced and advanced .

Monday 18h00 - 19h30 (250€)

Tuesday 10h00 - 11h30 (250€)

Friday   10h00  - 11h30 (250€)

In these courses the attention lays on the evolution of each student. Half advanced class focuses on the completion and repetition of the 24 forms. And teaching the 48 forms Yang style taijiquan, when the 24 forms becomes very familiar and is known by heart.

In the advanced class, Yang style straight sword forms are learned, 32 forms and 42 forms. But in the long run, both ‘fan’ forms are learned, a short 1st form and long 2nd form. All this of course at appropriate time. Therefore we have periods that are focused more on one form than the other. Please inform with your teacher which form will be learned during which period.




Chen style


Thursday  evening   18h00 -  19h30 (250€)


Thursday  evening            08.30pm - 10pm   (250€)

Since 2004 Thomas continued his studies in taiji in China after being introduced by his Yang style teacher Si Gingcong to grandmasters Wan Wende and Yang Naifan, chairmen and vice-chairmen of the Shanghai Chen style taijiquan Association.

After Thomas visits in ’04 and ’06, his first coach Zhang Zhouji came from Shanghai (China), to our school in the ‘Vrije Ateliers’ (at that moment) in Belgium, in ’07 and ’08. And so our overture began to grow… Namely after these visits we also offered Chen style 20 forms to our students. A better and more approachable form to get to know Chen style taijiquan. Also in ’09 Thomas second coach from Shanghai Sang Xilin came to Belgium to teach him and his students. Meanwhile Thomas himself got the status of member and coach from the Shanghai Chen style Taijiquans Association, and has our offer grown in forms and knowledge. Today still, Thomas continues his studies in China and is taught by grandmaster Yang Naifan (new chairmen) and Jiang Liwei (vice-chairmen) themselves, successors and the legacy of grandmaster Wan Wende. During his visits to China, Thomas also had the opportunity to meet and be taught by Chen Yu, successor of the original Chen family, son of Chen Zhaokui and grandson of Chen Fake for a short period, teaching him ‘Chin-Na’ of Chen style taijiquan. For the future we have also made a new connection in China with grandmaster Chen Zhenxiao, also member of the original Chen Family and nephew of Chen Yu. This grandmaster is willing and will be the first Chen style family member to visit and teach in our school here in Kemzeke, in Belgium for many years to come…

Thomas advises everybody to take a course of Yang style taijiquan before choosing for Chen style at ‘Health is Happiness’. This to make your entrance as beginner as comfortable possible. However if you are determined and motivated to learn Chen style taijiquan, or does the timetable suit you better? Everybody is welcome to subscribe! Our offer in forms goes from : ‘Yi-Lu’ (first form) or 83 forms, 20 forms, 56 forms (competition), 8 forms straight sword, 37 forms straight sword, double form (2 person), broadsword or ‘Dao’ form, to ‘Er-lu’ (second form) or ‘Pao Chui’ or 71 forms.

We hope to be of service to you!!!

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Wereld taiji dag 2007
Wereld taiji dag 2007
Wereld taiji dag 2007
Wereld taiji dag 2007
Training park with Sang Xilin 2009
Training met Zhang Zhouji in renmin park, Shanghai, 2006
Wereld taiji dag 2007
Workshops Zhang Zhouji in België  2007

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Workshops handen duwen Zhang Zhouji België 2007
Workshops handen duwen Zhang Zhouji België 2007
Workshops handen duwen Zhang Zhouji België 2007
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